SIOCE2014 Shanghai international development and application technology exhibition of oilfield chemicals 2014-07-25
SIPPE Shanghai International Petroleum Exhibition is highly supported by the Shanghai Municipal Government and China International Trade Promotion Committee. It is organized and implemented by the Chinese Petroleum Society, China Council for The Promotion of Intl Trade Shanghai Pudong Sub-council, China CCCME, Shanghai Ai Ling Exhibition Co., Ltd. Under the strong support of organizations and enterprises in the domestic and international industry, after years of careful cultivation, the exhibition scale growth year after year. It has been more than 3,000 companies in the 40 countries and regions taken in the exhibition and attracted more than 100,000 audiences over 40 countries and regions participate, the cumulative turnover is $ 5,000,000,000. SIPPE Shanghai International Petroleum Exhibition has become Asia's most influential international oil exhibition. SIOCE Shanghai International Oilfield Chemicals Exhibition and SIPPE Petroleum Exhibition are jointly organized, oilfield chemicals have a separate exhibition hall and a separate display area.

Organizers: Chinese Petroleum Society
China International Trade Promotion Committee
China Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute
Date: from December 4th, 2014 to December 6th, 2014
Location: Shanghai
Exhibition Product : oilfield chemicals
Exhibitors: Mingxi Wang (Chairman)

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