2016-05 30
Myanmar Customer We are contacting with a Myanmar customer this months, after product series, tech data communication, we finally settle down exact drilling fluid additives, and now the samples have already sent out a
2016-04 29
Russia Customer New order In this month, our Russia customer made a new order to us, several cabinets drilling fluid additives, and before this order, we have been cooperated for times, and also we are highly recognized by our
2016-03 31
Kuwait Customer Visit Our Factory for oilfield chemicals In Dec,2015, Kuwait customer made a visit to our factory, after two days visiting, they gave a high evaluation of our products and company concept, we have talked about the next years cooperating items
2014-12 02
Iran Customers Visit Our Factory In Nov. 2014, Iran customers have a visit to our factory, and show the interest in our drilling and cementing additives. Now we are talking about the cooperation of our products in near future and ever
2014-10 09
Canadian Customer on Gilsonite Here we welcome our new client from Canada.They visitedour factory in Oct. 2014, and gave us a high evaluation. Now we are the supplier for them, hope our cooperative relationship is getting better and
2014-08 14
Oman Client Interested in Our Drilling Chemicals In Aug. 2014, Oman clients have a visit to our factory, and show the interest in our drilling chemicals. Now we are talking the cooperation, hope we can build the relationship near soon.
2014-07 28
Russian Customer Has a Visit to Our Company In July, 2014, our Russian customers have a visit to our company. We talked the detailed about our cooperation of oil drilling additivesand have a good relationship with them. We are all friends and ho
2012-03 27
Korean Market Opened the Door to Us In March, 2012, our customers from Korean have a visit to our factory. They visited our workshop and lab, and talked with our engineer about the product which increased their confidence on our products
2010-09 20
Saudi Arabia Customer Visit Our Company In Sept. 2010, our Saudi Arabia customers have a visit to our company and made a good conversation on our future cooperation about drilling additives. We believe that our business relationship will be
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