2016-10 08
Opec Reached Understanding on Output Cut Algiers: Opec on Sep.28th reached an understanding that a crude oil production cut is needed to lift petroleum prices, people famialr with the matter said, but the Organization will wait until Novembe
2016-09 30
Happy National Day! Henan Xinxiang No.7 Chemical Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing oilfield chemicals. We are the first and now the largest manufacturer of sulfonated asphalt here in China. We have always been focu
2016-09 21
How to choose Cement Dispersant A good dispersing agent should meet the following requirements: 1, good dispersion, prevent mutual aggregation between the filler particles; 2, good thermal stability; 3, fluidity during molding good;
2016-09 09
How to design perfect drilling fluids additive ( part 1) Is there a perfect drilling fluids additive, for now, the answer is no. Since the beginning of the offshore oilfield drilling project appears, there are more questions about the use and emissions of th
2016-09 06
Gasoline prices for Labor Day weekend are cheapest in 12 years Prices at the pump heading into the Labor Day weekend are the cheapest theyve been in 12 years, the Department of Energy noted Friday. The national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is
2016-09 02
Shale inhibitor is the best additives and widely used in drilling fluid Shale Inhibitor sulfonated asphalt sodium is the best additives and widely used in drilling fluid, the main function is shale inhibition, can emulsify fresh water or sea water with oil, depress the dis
2016-08 26
The Introduction and classification of oilfield chemicals Oilfield chemicals is the solution to oil drilling, well completion, oil, chemical injection, enhanced oil recovery and gathering other processes used in chemical problems. The development of oil indu
2016-08 25
Different applications of Polyacrylamide in various industries Polyacrylamide as an important grade of flocculants, it can used as thickeners, drag reduction agent, drilling fluid additives, surfactants, soil conditioners, loss of soil and water conservation agent
2016-08 22
The principle of Cement Fluid Loss Additive(part1) In the drilling process, due to the differential pressure, the water of the drilling fluid in the borehole will be filtrated to the subsurface layer through the borehole walls inevitably, lead to the
2016-08 15
World tight oil production to more than double from 2015 to 2040 World tight oil production is expected to more than double between 2015 and 2040, increasing from 4.98 million barrels per day (b/d) in 2015 to 10.36 million b/d in 2040, according to the U.S. Energy I
2016-08 10
The application of lignite resin in drilling fluid This product applies for several of water-based mud systems in deep section. It can provide filtration control at temperatures approaching 400F(205C)in water-based drilling fluids. It can replace b
2016-08 05
Something you should know about sulphonated asphalt (part 2) In China application of sulfonated asphalt and production began in the 1980s, used to solve the bore wall collapse problem and got good results. WE(Henan Xinxiang No.7 Chemical Co., Ltd)are the fir
2016-08 03
Something you should know about sulphonated asphalt (part 1) Sulfonated asphalt is one of good performance, low cost of drilling fluid additives, it is applied to the drilling process, inhibit shale hydration dispersion, control the high temperature and high pre
2016-08 01
Weak oil prices to keep Gulf countries’ economy subdued Weak oil prices will keep the economic growth in the Gulf countries subdued, analysts at the British consulting company Capital Economics said in a report. Oil prices have been low for some time now, b
2016-07 29
Rio 2016 Olympic is going to be held,the environment around is a real problem The 31st Summer Olympics,commonly known as Rio 2016 Olympic,is going to be held from 5-21 August in Rio DE Janeiro, Brazil. At present, teams from many countries have been arriving, but put the incompl
2016-06 22
Polymer Drilling Fluid--Part II Compared with other water-based drilling fluids, the feature of polymer drilling fluid is as follows: 1.low solid content and low proportion of submicron particles, which are the basic characteristi
2016-06 20
Polymer Drilling Fluid--Part I Polymer drilling fluid, developed in the early 1970s, is a new type of drilling fluid systems. General speaking, all use linear soluble polymer as drilling fluid additives, called polymer drilling flu
2016-06 19
Potential damage factors of formation damage-Chapter Two The potential damage factor of formation damage is internal factor that leads to the decrease of permeability. It includes the following aspects: (1) Permeability space of formation damage From the mi
2016-06 15
Tehran: BP ready to invest in Iranian oil fields BP has expressed readiness to invest in development of certain Iranian oil fields, Rokneddin Javadi, Irans deputy oil minister, said. Talks with the British company are underway for cooperation in oil
2016-06 13
Calcium-Treated Drilling Fluids Calcium-Treated Drilling Fluids refers to the type of drilling fluid that have a strong inhibitory effect on the shale hydration and a better ability to resist salt and calcium, on the basis of the di
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