2016-06 10
Importance of the oil gas formation protection- Chapter One Importance of the oilgas formation protection 1. Basic concept of formation damage Ultimate aim of Drilling and completion is drilling reservoir formation and flow channel of oil and gas drilling, est
2016-06 08
How many kinds of wells you know during the drilling ?(Part 2) Information( data) well: The well drilling for the preparation of oil and gas field development programs, or to obtain information data for certain thematic studies during development. Production well
2016-06 06
How many kinds of wells you know during the drilling ? (Part 1) Petroleum exploration and development is composed of many different properties and different tasks. At different stages, the drilling purposes and tasks are always different. Some of them are to ascer
2016-06 03
How to deal with oxygen contamination of drilling fluid The Oxygen of drilling fliud will accelerate corrosion of drilling tools, which forms of corrosion pitting and partial corrosion, even very low concentrations of Oxygen, it also will reduce significan
2016-06 01
War-Torn South Sudan To Resume Oil Production In July South Sudans transitional government has announced it will resume oil production by July after a halt of more than two years during a bloody civil war for control of the newly independent countrys oil
2016-05 30
Dispersible drilling fluids' disadvantage and limitation Dispersible drilling fluids disadvantage and limitation 1.The performance is unstable,it lead to population of clay and soluble salt easily in drilling process. 2.The filtrate of lower mineralization
2016-05 27
The characteristics of the dispersible drilling fluid The main characteristic of the dispersible drilling fluid is that the clay high dispersity in water, which makes the drilling fluid the required rheological and filtration performance through the high
2016-05 25
Do you know which university are CEO of big oil companies graduated from? Do you know which university are CEO of big oil companies graduated from? Wang Yilin -President of CNPC CHINA UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM (Beijing) Yang Hua -President of CNOOC Massachusetts Institute of
2016-05 23
How to define Drilling fluids mix mud material and additives? To every one oil and gas wells, must follow a certain formula, using various materials and additives to make a chemical preparation of drilling fluids, or add them into the drilling fluid being used i
2016-05 20
Drilling fluid density's importance in oil and gas reservoir drilling and protection (part 2) How to increase the density of the drilling fluid? Added to the Barite material to increase the density of the drilling fluid, which is the most used method commonly. When before increase, it should be
2016-05 18
Shell Oil Spill Dumps Thousands Of Barrels Of Crude Into Gulf Of Mexico HOUSTON (Reuters) - A 2,100-barrel oil spill in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico forced Royal Dutch Shell on Thursday to shut in all wells that flow to its Brutus platform, federal regulators said. The U.S. Bu
2016-05 16
Four common experimental instruments showing the drilling fluids lubricity Friction coefficient of drilling fluids and mud cake are two commonly technical indicators for evaluate drilling fluid lubrication performance. At present, there are no generally accepted common instr
2016-05 13
Drilling fluid density's importance in oil and gas reservoir drilling and protection (part 1) Drilling fluid density refers to the mass per unit volume of the drilling fluid, always reported in g / cm3 or Kg / m3. In the drilling project, the drilling fluid density and mud weight are the two e
2016-05 11
Barbecue Weekend--No.7 Chemical To encourage the stuff and ease the intense working atmosphere, No.7 Chemical Foreign Trade department hold an Barbecue party on last weekend. Everyone was very happy and enjoyed the party. Xinxiang No
2016-05 09
Three sulfonated additives in drilling fluid The main functions of drilling fluids include providing hydrostatic pressure to prevent formation fluids from entering into the well bore, keeping the drill bit cool and clean during drilling, carryin
2016-05 06
The lifeline of oil: Once the oil price rebound over 50$, the production will increase at a high speed. Until April 29, crude oil futures was rose for sixth time at over the past eight trading day, In June the New York Mercantile Exchange delivery of light sweet crude oil futures settlement price per ba
2016-05 04
India and Iran——oil bromance If theres one country that needs to pump more oil, its Iran. And if theres one nation that needs to buy more crude, its India. Iran has been upping its oil production since it was freed from sanctions
2016-05 02
Common but improtant shale inhibitor, which one will you recommend ? What is shale inhibitor? Generalize of speak: the agent which can control mud / shale interactions, and control corrosion (in acceptable level) in the drilling project, could be called shale inhibitor
2016-04 29
Why is oil well cementation so important to the whole project? Cementing job is not only related to the smooth completion of oil and gas wells, oil and gas well production quality is good or bad, the life of oil and gas wells is long or short and oil and gas well
2016-04 27
IEA Experts predict: Russia and Saudi Arab will increase oil production at full steam The IEA oil production and marketing Supervisor Neil Atkinson said, before the Doha meeting, Russia and Saudi Arab have showed that they agree to discuss the oil production freeze plan, but finally th
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