2016-04 25
A Quick learn about the benchmark oil "WTI" & "BRENT"& "DUBAI" WTI is West Texas Intermediate (Crude Oil), it is US West Texas light crude oil, is one of more common oil in North America. As the US military and economic power in the world, WTI crude oil has becam
2016-04 22
World Earth Day-Henan Xinxiang No.7 Chemical Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22, on which day events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinate
2016-04 20
Doha oil meeting without a deal to freeze production, Kuwait oil workers end strike The recent events in oil industry is the doha meeting and kuwaiti strike. Doha oil meeting ends without a deal to freeze production. And Kuwaiti oil workers have ended a three-day strike that had temp
2016-04 18
API Standard Test Items of drilling fluid additives API stands for the American Petroleum Institute, which is the major United States trade association for the oil and natural gas industry. One of the most important standards that the API has set is th
2016-04 18
A key factor of drilling fluids: PH value The pH of the drilling fluid is representing acid-base property in drilling mud. Because of the strength of pH is involved with the degree of dispersion of clay particles in the drilling fluid directl
2016-04 13
International oil prices continued to rise in April 12th By Saudi Arabia and Russia frozen oil production reached consensus, international oil prices on April 12 sunrise to the highest level this year. OPEC and non OPEC oil producing countries will hold tal
2016-04 11
Do you have any special need on our cementing HTHP flitrate loss reducer ? We have been specialized in oilfield chemicals for over 30 years, with the accelerating process of economic globalization, market competition is increasingly reflected in technology competition. As the
2016-04 08
Witness the science progress--From normal water to professional drilling fluid Drilling fluid is recycled flushing medium that used in drilling hole during the drilling process; it is the lifeblood of the drilling, also called borehole flushing fluid. According to the compositio
2016-04 06
The cost of oil production at world's top oil producer After international crude oil prices rose slightly a period of time, this several days again go down.Based on this price, how about the profits of producers? You can know that after reading the follow
2016-04 04
Qing Ming Festival Qingming Festival (also known as Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb-sweeping Day), which falls on either April 4th or 5th of the gregorian calendar, is one of the Chinese Twenty-four Solar Terms. From t
2016-04 01
Artificial Intelligence facility makes our oilfield running more smoothly, but also give our life some clips, just like "Tay Tweets" Artificial Intelligence facility makes our life more and more colorful, and our oilfield operating more smoothly, but sometimes there will be a little trouble, just like Tay Tweets. Tay Tweets the arti
2016-03 30
API: The US crude oil storage increased 2.6million barrel The API said the US crude oil storage is increased on last week, but the gasoline and distillate storage decreased. API published, the US crude oil storage increased 2.6million till March 25, about 0.5
2016-03 28
NO.7 Chemical’s Outward training With this beautiful spring sunshine, Henan Xinxiang No.7 Chemical hold an outward training activity on last weekend, we were divided into two teams to PK, there are many PK items, like rope jumping, Pi
2016-03 25
"Spring equinox "--One of the 24 solar terms in China For the Chinese, the spring equinox is a very important solar term, that means the cold winter has in the past. The earth recovery, all things wake up. Everything will enter the beginning. As Srings co
2016-03 23
Russian oil average exploitation cost: $2 per barrel March 23rd, according to the Russian satellite network reported, Russian Deputy Minister of energy Morozov in an interview with the Russian newspaper said in an interview, Russias average cost of drill
2016-03 21
The Perfect Match in drilling fluid additive system: Sulfonated Asphalt and Resinated Lignite Drilling fluid additives take an important part in drilling operation. Its application can wash the bottom-hole, carry and suspend solids, safe well wall, cold and lubricant drilling bit, balance layer
2016-03 18
Some thing about the "@"- that you don't know it Talking about the @ sign is much more interesting if youre not speaking English.The Wikipedia entry for @ lists names for it in over 50 other languages, many of which are colourful interpretations of i
2016-03 16
Australia is expected to be the largest natural gas export country in 2018 According to date issued by Oil and gas industry association of Australia, Australia is expected to surpass Qatar and become the largest natural gas export country in 2018. The Largest liquid natural g
2016-03 14
Tree Planting Day--No.7 Chemical Tree Planting Day is a festival that calling for people to attend the tree planting activity to publicize the forest effect. March 12nd is the Tree Planting Day in China, No.7 Chemical Foreign Trade De
2016-03 11
BP outlook Energy in 2035 (part 4-ending) The tight oil yield is low proportion in the world The tight oil (oil shale) have once exceeded expectations due to the great pace of technology production in USA, in 2013 BP predicting the tight oil o
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