Cementing field
Cementing additives are used during and after the drilling function, when casing strings need to be cemented into the well bore. The cement must adhere to the casing as well as the formation. A host of additives are available that modify slurry properties to allow service companies to design a slurry for each individual well, which can be put in place to provide the necessary bonding. Functions of the cement include:
• Sealing and isolating the formation
• Protecting the casing from burst, collapse, drilling shock and corrosive fluid
• Maintaining control of the well
• Repairing of casings and for zone abandonment

Additionally, our cementing products include:
1. Anti-temperature and anti-salt cement fluid loss control FL-3S
2. Cementing Defoamers DF-I
3. High temperature oil well cement dispersant DPJ
4. High Temperature oil well cement Retarder GDM-5S
5. Medium-low temperature oil well cement retarder GDM-1
6. Oil well cement anti gas migration GM41

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