Oil drilling field
Our products are widely used in oil drilling field. And we provide all types of oil drilling fluid additive. It can be effectively used as shale control additive, filtration loss control additive, viscosity, thinner and so on. In the process of oil drilling, They have  the good function of Shale stabilizer, Anti-plugging, Thickening, Salt resistance and Temperature resistance etc.
Our main oil drilling additive including:
shale stabilizer
Anti-Collapsing Plugging agent
Anti-Temperature Fluid Loss Control Agent
Filtrate Reducer
High efficient plugging agent
Weighting Agent etc.

Our Featured Products including:
1. Organic Lignite.
It is used to reduce the HTHP FL in the oil based mud. It helps to promote emulsification of the reverse emulsion and improve emulsion's stability, particularly used in deep wells with high temperature. 

2. Sulfonated asphalt.
It's a proven extensively used drilling fluid additive with many fine properties. Oil asphalt is basal raw material. It appears brown in easy breakable pieces or fluidized powder. It's partly water soluble, partly oil soluble and partly both water and oil soluble, having fine emulsifying property suitable for every kinds of drilling fluid. Our company is the first manufacturer in China.

3. In addition, there are Natural asphalt, Kalium Humic Acid, KPAM, PHPA, Xanthan Gum,and so on.

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potassium sulfonated asphalt
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