Cementing HTHP filtrate loss reducer FL-2S
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It can control fluid loss though forming tight polymer film and enhancing viscosity of water phase.
Items Specification
Appearance Flowbility powder or particles
Initial consistency,Bc ≤30.0
Compression strength,Mpa,/95℃.21Mpa,24h ≥14.0
Free loss ml/75℃.6.9Mpa.30min ≤150.0
Thickening time,min/75℃.52Mpa.40min ≥60.0

The ingredient of the cement slurry in the table is: Jia Hua class G cement ,W/C 0.44 , Dosage is 1.2%(BWOC)
Water quality: distilled water
●it consists of water-dissolved macromolecules and other additives related。
●Appearance: Flowbility powder or particleswithout poison and odor.
●Normal dosage:0.8%~2.0%(BWOC),that makes API fluid loss less than 150ml。
●Used in oil wells whose circulate temperature is between 40℃~120℃
●Has no harmful influence on compression strength
●Mixed without water。
Be sacked with three packages, 25kg/sack
 Be kept away from moisture and possible damage of the packages in transportation.
 Be stored in cool and dry situation and storage life is two year.
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