Highly Dispersed Plugging Agent GIL – SP
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GIL - SP is my company exclusive research and development of a new type of highly dispersed plugging agent. Because of its high dispersion in the mud, GIL - SP can block wall of the tiny cracks. And on account of the cost is much lower than other plugging products, and the performance is well ahead of other products, so GIL-SP is favored by domestic and foreign customers.
GIL - SP is the present domestic initiative.
Quality Indexes
● Color: Black
● Specific Gravity: 1.1
● Packaging: 50kg per sack/50 sacks per pallet
● Temperature: stable

● Reduce water loss.
● Easily disperses in water
● Reduce sloughing shale ● Bridges micro factures & permeable zones
● Environmentally safe
● Plugs depleted zones




25KG or 50LB net sealed in 4-in-1 compound paper bag with plastic lining. During storage and transport see that the bag is intact as the product is water soluble.

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