Organic Lignite ORL-P1
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It is used to reduce the HTHP FL in the oil based mud. It helps to promote emulsification of the reverse emulsion and improve emulsion's stability, particularly used in deep wells with high temperature.

Its toxicity is very low. If note operation, it doesn't cause problems for the operator's health and the surrounding environment.

Appearance Black free flowing powder
Smell No particularly and strong smell
Particle size (Screen margin of 80 mesh sieve) ≤5%
Moisture ≤10%
Water-soluble Insoluble
Oil-soluble(Mineral oil) Highly fragmented, slight swelling
Bulk Density (Loose-like) about 600kg/m3
(Compacted form) about 810kg/m3

Mud performance indicators(After hot rolling)
R6(Fann viscosimeter,6 rev / min readings) Higher than that of based mud
YP(Yield point) Higher than that of based mud
ES(emulsion sabotage) Higher than that of based mud
HTHP FL, % ≥30%
Available in Ton Jumbo Bags or 25 Kg or 50LB Bags. Containers carrying should be cleaned by Air or Sweeping. Please note using chemical solvents or cleansing materials are prohibited.

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