Sulfonated Asphalt Sodium FT
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It's a proven extensively used drilling fluid additive with many fine properties. Oil asphalt is basal raw material. It appears brown in easy breakable pieces or fluidized powder. Its density is 0.98g/cm3. It's partly water soluble partly oil soluble for every kind of drilling fluid. Our company is the first manufacturer in China. 
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Water soluble content % ≥90.0
Oil soluble content % ≥18.0
HTHP. FL reducing rate % ≥40.0
PH 8-10
Moisture % ≤10.0

They can emulsify fresh water or sea water with oil, depress the solid expansion of drill chips , control HTHP FL, produces thin and tenacious mud cakes, helps maintain low shearing rate under HTHP, cleans and stabilizes well holes that have a great deal of collapsing shale.
● Stabilize shale stratum
● Reduce rotative torque and prevent jamming
● Substitute of oil, including crude oil, waste engine oil and diesel oil
● Depress the solid expansion of drill chips
● Produce thin and tenacious mud cakes
Recommended quantity to be added: 1-4%



25KG or 50LB net sealed in 4-in-1 compound paper bag with plastic lining. During storage and transport see that the bag is intact as the product is water soluble.

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