Sulfonated Phenol-formaldehyde Resin SMP
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SMP--sulfonated phenoldehyde resin, can reduce the filtration, prevent the collapse of borehole, lubricate the drilling tools in the salt water drilling mud containing calcium under high temperature and high pressure. 
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Appearance Brown(red) or yellowish powder
Water insoluble, % ≤10.0
Moisture, % ≤10.0
PH 9.0-10.5
The concentration of Cl when the  
Solution’s cloudy(g/1)
The filtration (ml) ≤25.0


Liquid SMP packed in barrels, on which there are the product name, the manufacture, and the net weight 25KG or 50LB/barrel. Powder SMP is packed in woven sacks with plastic lining, on which there should be product name, manufacturer, lot number and the net weight 25 Kg/sack.

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