Anti-Collapsing Plugging Filtrate Reducer FTD-5
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Anti-Collapsing Plugging Filtrate Reducer FTD-5 is the specialty made from modified natural asphalt. It is lipophilic, but slight soluble in diesel, and is effective when plugging fractures and reducing filtration loss. It is heat resistant to the high temperature of 150℃~200℃, and will not affect the rheology and emulsion-breaking voltage of drilling mud.
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Appearance Dark brown powder
Moisture,% ≤15.0
Screen size (remains when passing 80 meshes) % ≤15.0
Yield point, % (49℃±1℃) 80-140
After rolling Yield point, % 75-150
Plastic viscosity , % ≤200
HTHP FL changing rate,  % ≤50.0

Recommended dosage:  1%~2%.

25KG or 50LB net sealed in multi-layer paper valve sacks.
Store in dry cool and ventilation environment. Avoid moisture and damp.

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