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Gilsonite, which is similar to hard petroleum asphalt and is often called natural asphalt, it is soluble in aromatic solvents, as well as petroleum asphalt, due to its unique compatibility, Gilsonite is frequently used to harden softer petroleum products.
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Appearance Black powder
Softening Point  ≥200℃
Oil soluble content %  ≥70.0
Ash Content %  ≤20.0
Particle Size 80-100 meshes

● Used in drilling mud fluids and oil well cementing
● the addition of special-treated Gilsonite to water-based drilling fluids helps minimize hole washout by stabilizing troublesome shale’s
●The addition of Gilsonite to oil well cements reduces slurry weight without loss of compressive strength and acts as an effective bridging and plugging agent to seal fractures in week formations while cementing.
25KG or 50LB net sealed in 4-in-1 compound paper bag with plastic lining. During storage and transport see that the bag is intact as the product is water soluble.

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