High Temperature oil well cement Retarder GDM-5S
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GDM-5S is double carboxylic acid group and sulfonate group reacted with tricalcium aluminate and silicate tricalcium. Through adsorption, chelation, wetting and dispersing, etc. adsorption, chelation, dispersing and wetting role in the early cement hydration electric double layer by diffusion dispersing cement particles in the cement particle surface with calcium ions to form solvated film preferentially adsorbed on tricalcium aluminate slowing the hydration performance of a strong retarding effect, while the performance of the tricalcium silicate weak adsorption properties, thus ensuring the latter part of cement strength development.
Items Specification
Appearance White powder
Initial consistency, BC ≤30.0
Thickening time, min/118℃,70MPa 180.0~420.0 adjustable
Compression strength Mpa/142℃,21Mpa.48 h≥14.0

● GDM-5S consists of sulfonates, organic acid etc.
● Appearance: white powder, density is nearly 1.2g/cm3.
● Normal dosage: 0.3%-2.5 %( BWOC).
● Good effective in Temperature range: 60~180℃
● Used in middle-deep well and deep well, Retard the thickening time efficiently. Increase
   the pump ability time.
● Have a strong dispersing performance
25kg/sack. Be kept away from moisture and possible damage of the packages in transportation. Stored in cool and dry situation and storage life for two years.

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