Filtrate Reducer KGD-5
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Filtrate Reducer KGD-5 is made to reduce the HTHP filtration loss for oil based mud, and to stabilize wellbore. The main raw material is modified natural asphalt, and is quite effective under the temperature of 150℃~200℃. It will not affect the viscosifier, yield value and emulsion-breaking voltage of the oil based mud.
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Appearance Dark brown powder
Moisture,% ≤15.0
Screen size (remains when passing 80 meshes) % ≤15.0
HTHP Filtration change after hot roll,  % ≤70.0

It can be added directly into the oil based mud while stirring, can also be added into diesel, then added into the mud as supplement.
Recommended dosage: 1%~2%.

Improve the wellbore stability under the temperature of 260℃(500℉).
Effective in oil-based drilling mud systems and invert emulsion fluids.

25KG or 50LB net sealed in multi-layer paper valve sacks.
Store in dry cool and ventilation environment. Avoid moisture and damp.

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