Partially Hydrolysed Poly Acrylamide PHPA
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Partially Hydrolysed Poly Acrylamide PHPAis a water-soluble synthetic polymer, which has the properties of flocculation, thickening, shear, resistance reducing and dispersion, etc.
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Appearance White Granule solid
Solid content, % ≥85.0
Ionic Character Anionic
Molecular weight(million) 18.0-22.0
Charge density 25.0-30.0
PH range 6.0-8.0

● PHPA is effective in fresh and salt water drilling fluids, minimizing the build up of solids in drilling fluids.
● Also it is effectively prevents clay and shale problem such as welling, sloughing, bit balling and mud rings.
● Prevents dispersion and swelling shales and clays by way of encapsulation.
● Promotes more effective removal of solids at the rig shale shaker, thereby minimizing drilled solids build up.
● Promotes rapid settling of cuttings in settling pits.

With 25 kg lining plastic woven bag or paper-plastic composite bag packaging, or packed according to the clients' requirements.Shipping, pay attention to the heat, moisture, prevent damaged packaging, dry powder products long-term dew will damp agglomerate. Stacking layer should not exceed 20 floors. Shelf-life for 2 years. This product granularity of 20-80 mesh, can also according to user requirements production.

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