High temperature oil well cement dispersant DPJ
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It can adjust the electric charge on the surfaces of cement particles to get proper cement rheology. As a result, it can reduce pump pressure, enhance drilling efficiency and used in construction easily.
Items Specification
Appearance Powder
Slurry Property
n ≥0. 5
k, Pa.sn ≤0.7
Initial consistency,Bc ≤20
Thickening time,min/85℃.70.3MPa.36min ≥60
Compression strength,Mpa/110℃.21Mpa.24h ≥11

● DPJ is made of methanal and acetone polymerized and Modified,it appears Orange yellow or reddish-brown powder.
● The normal dosage is :0.3%-0.8%USZ(BWOC).
● Dissolve easily
● Increasing additive dosage, it can adjust therheology of the cement slurry effectively and reduce the consistency.
● With good high temperature resistance, it can be used within 30℃-150℃(BHCT).
● Consolidate cement stones, enhance its compression strength and control fluid loss as certain retarding property.
● Mixed with or without water.
Packaging and transport Sacked with three packages, 25kg/sack. Be kept away from moisture and possible damage of the packages in transportation. Stored in cool and dry situation and storage life is two years.

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